M. Durdan, J. Kacur, P. Flegner, M. Laciak, G. Bogdanovska,
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The priority of the manufacturers and production companies is to improve product quality and reduce the cost of manufacturing. The resulting quality is often strongly influenced by the heat treatment of the product. The creation and implementation of mathematical and simulation models is an effective tool for studying of the thermal processes. We can use the simulation models at the construction of new but also in the reconstruction of existing thermal aggregates. In addition, from simulation studies, we can choose a variant that meets a defined optimality criterion. The article describes a simulating model for modeling of the heating process in a bell furnace. The batch heating process precedes the mechanical processing of the metal and constitutes an essential part of the so- heat treatment of the metal. The inner temperature of the massive batch and the quality of the heating process often determine the efficiency of the process and the quality of the final product. The modeling of the heating process and its visualization are important tools at loading the technology into practice. The task of the simulation model described in this article is to calculate the inner and surface temperatures of the annealed steel coil. The input into the simulation model is the temperature measured directly on the lower surface of the coil and the temperature of the atmosphere measured between the annealed coil and the protective cover obtained from the real measurement. To describe the heat transfer process, the Fourier heat conduction equation is used. The solution of this equation is based on the finite difference method in the two-dimensional coordinate system under marginal conditions I and III. kind. The simulation model was verified on the control measurements realized in the real operation of the bell furnace.

Keywords: heating process, bell furnace, annealed coil, simulation model, temperature.

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