A. Vlasyuk, B. Borowik, N. Zhukovska, V. Zhukovskyy, V. Karpinskyi
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Modern tendency for cities development in suburb areas for civil, commercial, and industrial use is one of the reasons for constructions in territories that are not fully suitable for this purpose. It leads to changes in the stressed-strained state (SSS) of soil bases which may result from the damage or destruction of buildings constructed on the territory, that is significant financial and material losses in future.
In order to determine the stability and reliability of different structures the term of their operation and the bearing capacity of soils it is necessary to know the SSS of their bases which can change under the influence of the environment: changes in the temperature regime, the presence of pollutants, etc.
Therefore, the construction and the study of mathematical models of soil deformation processes, due to the effect of natural and man-made factors on the use of computer simulation of the described processes, is actual and represents scientific interest.
In the construction of a mathematical model of the SSS of the soil massif, the approaches of continuous media mechanics, namely, the deformable body mechanics, the hydromechanics of the porous medium, the theory of thermoelasticity, the filtration, and the heat and mass transfer are used.
To find the numerical solution of the boundary value problem the numerical methods are used. There are finite differences, monotone difference schemes for nonlinear parabolic type equations containing the first derivative, locally one-dimensional Samarskyi’s method, finite difference method for numerical solution of the system of equilibrium equations in the form Lame for soil displacements.
The Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Framework software package for Windows Desktop in the C # programming language has been created. It made possible to reflect visually the results obtained in the form of graphs of distribution of displacement fields, normal and tangential stresses and strains, as well as pressure, salt concentration, and temperature in the investigated area.
As the results of computer simulation and numerical experiments, taking into account
the heat and mass transfer, the values of displacements, normal and tangential strains
and stresses of the soil massif significantly change in comparison with the
corresponding values for the filtration of pure water and the absence of heat and mass
transfer processes have been shown.

Keywords: stressed-strained state; mass and heat transfer, bearing capacity, numerical methods, software complex

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