D. Sujanska, M. Zavacky, L. Krmicek
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The contribution brings description of the mechanical properties of igneous rocks, particularly syenite from Kamenná quarry within the Třebíč Massif in Czech Republic. It is mainly focused on impact of triaxial compression testing in order to obtain data about the rock applicable for designing underground structures located at greater depths below the surface.
The mechanical properties were determined from series of laboratory tests consisting of following procedures: (1) indirect tensile testing, (2) uniaxial compressive testing and (3) triaxial compressive testing. Parameters of Hoek-Brown and Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria were determined by evaluation of such wide range of the obtained laboratory data.
The tested syenite performs high compressive strength and, in accordance with the generally accepted knowledge of the rock mechanics, the nonlinear trend of the failure envelope. Moreover, post-failure part of the stress-strain diagram was obtained during the triaxial tests and evaluation of the residual strength parameters was possible.
The obtained data about the mechanical properties of syenite can be useful from the point of view of exploring perspective the deep-seated radioactive waste disposal sites. Horka is one of the assessed sites which is located directly in the syenite of the Třebíc Massif and it is very close to the sampling locality Kamenna.

Keywords: rock mechanics, triaxial test, syenite, failure criterion, residual strength

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