J. Bures, D. Bartonek, L. Barta, O. Svabensky
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Safety monitoring is of particular importance for building structures at the end of their lifetime what could endanger the health and lives of people. The use of geodetic robotic measuring stations enables the automated acquisition of coordinate data on the spatial position in the key locations of the monitored building construction and from them to evaluate geometric deformations in real time. This concerns the monitoring of large roof structures of sporting arenas, particularly in winter under snowfall impact, or the static testing of nuclear power plant constructions, or reconstruction of historical cultural heritage sites, the damage or destruction of which would have irreparable consequences. Implementation of safety monitoring of various building constructions in different conditions has many pitfalls. Therefore, the flexibility of the measuring system, the accuracy and reliability, the simplicity, the speed, the clarity and the availability of the evaluated information and the output from the monitoring system need to be addressed. This paper presents the experience and knowledge from the implementation of safety geodetic monitoring of structures where the most important role plays the connection of state-of-the-art measuring and information technologies.

Keywords: safety monitoring, monitoring information system

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