G.S. Vasilyev, O.R. Kuzichkin, A. V.Grecheneva, N.V. Dorofeev, D.S. Surzhik
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article is devoted to development of the mathematical models of transfer functions in complex geotechnical monitoring in the "geological environment - foundation - building" system. It is assumed that the geodynamic objects, as well as the seasonal natural geodynamic variations occurring near the building, have a direct effect on its physics-mechanical properties (changes in the stress-strain state of the beams, subsidence of the basement, redistribution of loads, and change in natural frequencies). In this regard, it is proposed to develop a mathematical model that makes it possible to assess the influence of the dynamics of the geological environment parameters on the dynamics of the engineering facility parameters. The evaluation of the geodynamic parameters of the medium is based on an analysis of the transfer function of the geoelectric section. As methods of obtaining information, geoelectric methods are used, based on the use of a multi-pole electrical installation, as well as georadar survey data. As controllable parameters of the engineering structure are the angles of deviation from the vertical axis of the building, the amplitude-frequency characteristics of vibrations, and parameters of the mechanical stress of the bearing structures. Registration of the dynamics of the engineering facility parameters is carried out using accelerometric and strain gauge measuring methods.

Keywords: geotechnical control, geological environment, combined transfer functions, physics-mechanical properties, mathematical models

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