V. Nemtinov, Y. Nemtinova, A. Borisenko, S. Tryufilkin, K. Nemtinov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In this paper, we examine the methodology of data processing, which allows performing retrospective analysis of changes in various characteristics of cultural heritage objects during certain time intervals. In order to analyze such changes in the indicators, which are inherent in the objects of cultural heritage and are critical for assessment of urban development of a territory (city), one can apply the proposed methodology and obtain averaged information about numerical values of particular indicators assigned to a specific time period of urban development of a territory. We have used various information sources for further data processing: journalistic, artistic, cultural, educational, academic, scientific, professional, legislative, and etc. For fuzzy data transformation we have applied the defuzzification method (center of maximum method). The proposed methodology for processing and retrospective analysis of fuzzy data about the changes in various characteristics of cultural and historical heritage objects has been tested on the example of the city of Tambov (Russia) during certain time intervals. In the perspective, it can be recommended for creation of information systems for decision support in retrospective analysis and reconstruction of various types of objects, including virtual reconstruction.

Keywords: information system, objects of cultural and historic heritage, fuzzy data analysis, fuzzy sets, defuzzification of fuzzy knowledge.

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