D. Raducu, S. Dumitru, P. Ignat, A. Anghel, P. Voicu
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper emphasizes the ecological restoration (renaturation) of the natural conditions of a saline soil, which was previously under long term melioration. The soil is a Salinic Pelic Alluvic Sodosol with relict gleization, covering an Alkali soil (according to SRTS-2012). The site is located in Moldova Tableland, where Tma is 584.6C and Pma is 9.5 mm. The depth of the groundwater table is about 1.80 m, with frequent seasonal fluctuations and weak-moderate mineralization. The soil had a polyphasic evolution, both as parent material (being the result of several depositional phases), and subsequently as soil (sequences). Currently, as a result of the short time evolution, the soil profile consists of two soil sequences: 1) the first sequence (0-119 cm) represents an Entic-Salinic-Pelic-Alluvic Solonetz with relict gleization; 2) the second sequence (119-215 cm) consists of a buried Alkali soil with gleyic properties. In the 1980s, a long term melioration experience was established, including drainage, deep loosening, amendments application to remove Na+ effect, as well as washing out the salts from the soil. At present, as a result of melioration abandonment, Na+ re-invaded the adsorption complex and salts tend to re-accumulated into the soil profile. As a result, the values of the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) are ranging from 26.4 – 77.3 in the upper (0-119 cm) to 49.1 – 69.5 in the deeper (119-215 cm) soil profile. The micromorphological observation showed that gypsum occurs as: big gypsum lenticular crystals in the largest voids (channels, chambers and cracks) and sporadically into the soil matrix either singular or as clusters; and anhedral crystals (lacking specific crystallographic faces) in the smallest voids. Salt efflorescences (more easily soluble than gypsum) are also present throughout the soil horizons.

Keywords: salts, ecological restoration, gypsum, melioration

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