J. Brodny, M. Tutak
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The machines used in hard coal mining must exhibit very good technical, safety and reliability parameters. These parameters determine their efficiency, operational safety and effectiveness of the entire production process. The last several decades have seen increased mechanisation of the mining process. Increasingly more cutting-edge and efficient machines have been used for this purpose. Attempts have also been made to partially or fully automate the process of mining. The concept of an “intelligent” mine has come into being. However, the reality verified these plans. It turned out that the changeability and unpredictability of the mining and geological conditions in which the coal exploitation process takes place limit the possibilities of implementing its full automation. However, the current level of technical equipment in mines and the mining technologies in use allowed for virtually full mechanisation of this process. The article demonstrates an IT solution which, in the Authors’ opinion, may contribute to improving the operating effectiveness of mining machines. This solution is represented by an IT platform whose task is to exchange information between all the participants of the coal production process. In the example at hand, it encompasses the machines constituting an automated longwall system.
The platform allows for regular monitoring of the operating status of the individual machines. This is possible thanks to the application of industrial automation systems which register the operating parameters of these machines. The data obtained are pre-processed and then, according to pre-set algorithms, the assumed indicators are determined. The use of the platform makes it possible to exchange information between machines operators, dispatchers, the maintenance department and the mine’s management. This particularly applies to failures and unscheduled downtimes of the machines. The preliminary results of this solution are very optimistic. However, it should be emphasised that broader implementation of this solution may, at least in the initial period, cause dissatisfaction amongst part of the crew. Nevertheless, the approach adopted seems to be legitimate, especially due to development of the idea of the fourth industrial revolution. These measures should, over time, contribute to the improvement of the operating effectiveness of mining machines in the mining process of hard coal and other useful minerals.

Keywords: effectiveness, mining machines, IT platform, industry 4.0.

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