A. Armas, R. Beilicci, E. Beilicci
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The Paper present confined groundwater flow and solute transport modeling in water catchments area and wastewater system Giarmata, using the hydraulically modelling whit mathematical simulation. Modeling purpose is to constitute extending pollution propagation of aquifers generated of possible wastewater pumping station pollution. Pollution zone definition is necessary to settle technical measures to using drinking water systems. The used software for numerical modelling in this paper is Processing Modflow for Windows (PMWIN), software offer integrated simulation system for flow and transport modelling with modules. The applications of MODFLOW is a three-dimensional finite-difference software and is made by U. S. Geological Survey. PMWIN have a professional graphical interface and many possibilities to modeling and postprocessing resultants. The graphical interface allows users to create and simulate models weary ease and whit many possibilities. It can import graphic files whit DXF extension and raster graphics image and handle models with up to 1,000 stress periods, 80 layers and 250,000 cells in each model layer. The modeling tools include many possibilities (Presentation tool, Field Generator, Field Interpolator, Water Budget Calculator, Result Extractor, Graph Viewer). The Result Extractor allows users to extract all results from any period for all discretized space to a spread sheet, after is possible to interpret, postprocess or use them for other software’s.

Keywords: Hydraulic modeling, pollutants transport

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