P. Warzecha, B. Hilger
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Conceptual model of laboratory settling tank with cross current multiflux packet is presented in this article. Geometrical parameters of the sedimentation tank were obtained during numerical analysis of flow condition in the settling tank. Additionally effects of different kinds of modifications in the sedimentation chamber in settling tank were also presented. The results of the analysis made it possible to obtain even flow of the fluid in the working space of the tank.
The simulations, which were carried out using CFD simulation method, showed the difference between different types of additional modification in the settling chamber on velocity distributions in subsequent channels of the multiflux lamella packet.
The parameter verifying the correctness of the design of the settling tank was the velocity distribution in the sedimentation chamber. To verify the results of the simulations, tests with optical marker (reflecting the conditions occurring during flow analysis using the numerical method) on the sedimentation tank were carried out. Then the results were compared with the results from numerical methods of flow analysis. The importance of individual stages of the design of the settling tank and the construction of the sedimentation chamber for an even load of individual plates of the multiflux lamella package was confirmed.

Keywords: multiflux sedimentation, compact settling tank, cross-current multiflux sedimentation, flow modelling, CFD

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