M. Diminescu, G. Dumitran, L. Vuta, B. Popa, M. Dancila
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


One of the most important sources of potable water throughout the world is the ground water, which is currently under stress due to human activities and consumption. Therefore, the presence and transport of contaminants in the groundwater represents an important threat to the human health and the environment. Many studies dealing with the groundwater quality and its sustainable use are found in the literature. Latest research shows a great opportunity of removing groundwater contaminants by using clay. Thus, an experimental bench was developed in order to simulate an unconfined aquifer and to observe the evolution of the water-table and groundwater flow, in the absence or the presence of a clay lentil. Our laboratory experiments simulate the ground water flow from an unconfined aquifer bounded by two surface water bodies. The water table position is visualized by four piezometers, for different initial hydraulic slopes. During the first part of the experiment, a homogenous, isotropic unconfined aquifer was used to determine the hydraulic characteristics. In the second part of the experiment, a clay lentil has been introduced into the aquifer to investigate the variation of the hydraulic characteristics.

Keywords: groundwater, clay lentil, water table

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