DOI: 10.5593/sgem2017/21/S07.022


K. Peterek, L. Kavka, L. Flokova
Wednesday 13 September 2017 by Libadmin2017

References: 17th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2017, www.sgem.org, SGEM2017 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7408-01-0 / ISSN 1314-2704, 29 June - 5 July, 2017, Vol. 17, Issue 21, 167-174 pp, DOI: 10.5593/sgem2017/21/S07.022


The aim of the paper is to solve design of the automatic identification system via radiofrequency technology with respect to spatial analysis data acquisition. The compact system of automatic identification at railway defined by GS1 standards enables to monitor motion and operating status at the level of whole trains, wagons or even at the level of individual container or other load. If the acquired data are supplemented by coordinates of places, where they were obtained, those can be used for the spatial analysis. Localization of data is often accomplished by purpose of acquisition. This information is important for data processing as well. The spatial analysis can be done by use of data mining methods and by statistic methods when space or time is fixed. The benefit of such kind of system is adding of data obtained by automatic identification of railway spatial analysis as a feedback to real coordinate space. Verification of these procedures is carried out in an experimental railway model with AutoID means in which the data were collected, transferred into a shape required for processing and subsequently spatially analyzed.

Keywords: AutoID, Information system, Rail Visibility, Spatial analysis

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