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226 ADSORPTION CAPACITY, STRUCTURE AND SURFACE PROPERTIES OF ACTIVATED CARBONS PRODUCED FROM PISTACIA LENTISCUS BY-PRODUCT Feki, F.; Tsyntsarski, B.; Sayadi, S.; Georgiev, G.; Dimitrov, V. 2021 Renewable Energy Sources and Clean Technologies -- 564 Bibtex , Article download
227 ADSORPTION PERFORMANCE OF CO3O4 IN THE REMOVAL PROCESS OF PHENOL AND LEAD FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS Voda, R.; Lupa, L.; Cocheci, L. 2017 Hydrology and Water Resources -- 963 Bibtex , Article download
228 ADVANCED ACCURACY TESTS OF DATASETS GATHERED BY UAVS Pacina, J.; Popelka, J.; Klimesova, S. 2017 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing -- 913 Bibtex , Article download
229 ADVANCED AND PRECISELY PROCESS OF CLORINE DISINFECTION FOR DRINKING WATER Cococeanu, A. L.; Pelea, G. N.; Cretan, I. A.; Man, T. E. 2017 Hydrology and Water Resources -- 1057 Bibtex , Article download
230 ADVANCED METHODS OF ACOUSTIC SIGNAL ANALYSIS IN ASSESSING NOISE ANNOYANCE IN AN URBANIZED ENVIRONMENT Paszkowski, W. 2018 Green Design and Sustainable Architecture -- 996 Bibtex , Article download
231 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR DETERMINING PARAMETERS OF INTEREST IN THE SHALE GAS EXPLORATION Frunzescu, D.; Branoiu, G.; (Jugastreanu), C. M. Georgescu; Lungu, I. A. 2019 Oil and Gas Exploration -- 1055 Bibtex , Article download
232 ADVANCED WASTEWATER TREATMENT USING NANOMAGNETITE TO REMOVE LEAD, COPPER AND ZINC IONS Chirea, I. A.; Vatui, A. G.; Matei, A. I.; Ghita, A. N.; Licu, L. 2021 Ecology and Environmental Protection -- 540 Bibtex , Article download
233 ADVANCES IN MODELLING THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH GAS EXPLOSIONS IN CONFINED SPACES Pasculescu, V.; Vlasin, N.; Suvar, M.; Florea, G.; Vass, Z. 2018 Informatics -- 982 Bibtex , Article download
234 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE STATE SYSTEM FOR REGULATING THE WATER BODIES QUALITY IN THE BAIKAL NATURAL TERRITORY Ulzetueva, I.; Gomboev, B.; Zhamyanov, D.; Batomunkuev, V.; Khakhinov, V. 2019 Hydrology and Water Resources -- 1030 Bibtex , Article download
235 ADVANTAGES AND THE PERSPECTIVE OF TO THE SMALL-SCALE FIRE MODELLING Mullerova, J. 2017 Ecology and Environmental Protection -- 833 Bibtex , Article download
236 ADVERSE SUBSIDENCE IN MINING AREAS – RECLAMATION OPTIONS Mokrosova, A.; Kral, T.; Landecka, A; Zubicek, V.; Siriky, T. 2017 Exploration and Mining -- 945 Bibtex , Article download
237 AERIAL TRIANGULATION ACCURACY ASSESSMENT FOR TWO STRIPS OF UAV IMAGES WITH DIFFERENT SIDE-LAP PERCENTAGES Sheshtawy, A. E.; Gavrilova, L. A.; Limonov, A. N.; Nilipovskiy, V. I. 2021 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing -- 396 Bibtex , Article download
238 AERODYNAMIC SIMULATIONS OF THE HIGH-RISE BUILDING'S ROOF USED AS A SOCIAL PLACE Antal, R.; Jendzelovsky, N. 2017 Green Design and Sustainable Architecture -- 1102 Bibtex , Article download
239 AEROGEL – A THERMAL CHARACTERIZATION AND ANALYSIS Bucur, A.; Moga, L. 2017 Green Buildings Technologies and Materials -- 1023 Bibtex , Article download
241 AERONAUTICAL SURVEYS OF OLSZTYN AIRFIELD AND SURROUNDINGS IN ORDER TO DEVELOP RNAV GNSS FLIGHT PROCEDURE Ciecko, A.; Grunwald, G.; Templin, T.; Dobek, M. 2017 Geodesy and Mine Surveying -- 948 Bibtex , Article download
242 AEROSPACE ENGINEERING DUES TO GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY Prunariu, D. D.; Tulbure, I. 2018 Space Technologies and Planetary Science -- 1185 Bibtex , Article download
243 AGE FEATURES OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM RESPONSE TO THE GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY IN SUBAURORAL AREA Samsonov, S. 2020 Space Technologies and Planetary Science -- 959 Bibtex , Article download
244 AGE, GENDER AND ENDORSEMENT OF THE NEW ECOLOGICAL PARADIGM Costache, A.; Sencovici, M. 2019 Ecology and Environmental Protection -- 1144 Bibtex , Article download
245 AGEING CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: PAVEMENT PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES Mikolaj, J.; Remek, L. 2019 Environmental Economics -- 993 Bibtex , Article download
246 AGGREGATIC STABILITY AND BACTERICIDAL EFFECT OF NANOSILVER COLODID SOLUTIONS IN THE PRESENCE OF SURFACE-ACTIVE SUBSTANCES OF DIFFERENT CHEMICAL NATURE Yushchishina, A.; Pohrebennyk, V.; Mitryasova, O.; Pasichnyk, M.; Kochanek, A. 2019 Micro and Nano Technologies -- 999 Bibtex , Article download
247 AGRI-ENVIRONMENT MEASURES FOR PROMOTING ROMANIAN SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE Popescu, G. C.; Popescu, M. 2017 Advances in Biotechnology -- 1069 Bibtex , Article download
248 AGRICULTURAL CROPS MAPPING BASED ON SENTINEL-1 SAR C-BAND DUAL-POLARIMETRIC DATA Mleczko, M.; Mroz, M.; Sliesinski, P.; Fitrzyk, M. 2017 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing -- 1056 Bibtex , Article download
249 AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN GERMAN-SPEAKING SETTLEMENTS OF THE STEPPE ZONE OF SOUTHERN UKRAINE (MID-19TH - EARLY 20TH CENTURY) Zamuruysev, O.; Pachev, S.; Poliakova, L.; Schkoda, N.; Zhiryakov, A. 2021 Environmental Economics -- 608 Bibtex , Article download
250 AGRICULTURAL RECLAMATION OF THE STERILE DUMPS RESULTING FROM SURFACE MINING OF LIGNITE Marin, N.; Vrinceanu, A.; Lacatusu, A.; Sirbu, C.; Dumitru, M. 2018 Air Pollution and Climate Change -- 1002 Bibtex , Article download