Lecturer fee of 297 EARLY BIRD (after 1st of March 349) covers:

  • 1 + 1 BONUS Papers presented during the scientific sessions;
  • 1 + 1 BONUS Papers published in the Conference Proceedings (regular paper: 8 typewritten pages);
    Remark: In order to guarantee sending your second-bonus paper for evaluation to the international databases for indexation, ALL papers should be presented at the venue;
  • Possible submission of 3 additional papers (+ 186 per additional paper more than 1);
  • 1 volume from the printed version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (at the registration desk, you will receive the book which includes your paper);
  • Paper/s will be submitted for evaluation and indexation to:
    • Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science/ Web of Knowledge;
    • SCOPUS;
    • Engineering Village/Compendex;
    • CrossRef;
    • Active DOI for every paper;
    • ProQuest;
    • EBSCOhost;
    • British Library;
    • Mendeley;
    • Google Scholar and more...
  • Attendance at scientific sessions;
  • Admission to the Exhibition Halls;
  • Admission to the Workshops Halls;
  • Conference set;
  • Welcome Reception/Cocktail party;
  • National Dinner Party with variety show;
  • Closing Reception & Certificate Awarding;
  • Conference coffee/tea-breaks;
  • Conference Field Trip;
  • Other social events.

By wish / extra cost:

* CD/DVD version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (all papers in PDF format) could be ordered in addition (on-line) at the complimentary price of € 89.
* Copy of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (1 volume) could be ordered in addition (by e-mail/at the venue) at the complimentary price of € 39.

*All upper mentioned fees excl. VAT

Note: Every Author should be aware of the Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement as well as the Cancellation Terms & Conditions.
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