Every year, during an Official Award Ceremony, all speakers (Lecturer, PhD Student, Workshops or Invited Session Speakers) receive a Certificate of Attendance given personally by one of the Scientific Chairmen of the conference. Best presenters are being awarded with special CRYSTAL AWARD and CERTIFICATE!



During the 7 conference days the audience will be encouraged to give its vote to the best presentations by filling a nomination form. At the same time, session chairmen will have the hard task to evaluate each presenter - they should fill in evaluation form and forward it to the Scientific Chairmen. As a final result, authors of the highly evaluated and most nominated presentations will be awarded with a AWARD CERTIFICATE and a SPECIAL CRYSTAL PLAQUE.


We look forward to receiving your interesting papers and very captivating presentations.
Eager to welcome you all, we are expecting with great interest your new researches and scientific achievements!

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    Dr. Michal Rechor, Brown Coal Research Institute, Czech Republic
    Dr. Milan Neubert, VVV MOST spol. s r.o., Czech Republic
    Assist. Prof. Cahit Tagi Celik, Nigde University, Turkey
    Miss Branka Vorel, Croatian Geodetic Institute, Croatia
    Dr. Geoffrey Carter, Rio Tinto Centre for Materials and Sensing in Mining Curtin Uni. of Technology, Australia
    Mrs. Farha Sattar, Charles Darwin University, Australia
    Dr. Veronica Ngole, Walter Sisulu University, South Africa
    Mr. Shaip Latifi, Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Kosovo
    Mrs. Badea Manuela, OMV Petrom SA, Romania
    Miss Lela Mtsariashvili, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia
    Mr. Juraj Lieskovsky, Institute of Landscape Ecology, SAS, Slovakia
    Mr. Fatwa Ramdani, Geo-Environment, EarthScience Dept, Tohoku University, Japan
    Miss Ramona Balint, Geological Survey of Romania, Romania
    Mrs. Ivana Gorcicova, EVERNIA s.r.o, Czech Republic
    Dr. Lubomir Jurkovic, Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
    Dr. Josef Halir, Brown Coal Research Institute, Czech Republic
    Mrs Alena Pribulova, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia