21th Scientific Conference SGEM2021 - COVID-19 news

14 - 22 August, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, we hope you and your family are fine and already feeling the end of this crisis! We are sure that very soon the life will return its old normality, while the “new normality” will remain only in our worst memories.

We are very glad, that you have shown your strong interest in the event and have already registered for the 21st SGEM GeoConference 2021 and probably can't wait for the start of the event on the spot, or perhaps you want to come, but you are worried about the ongoing lock-down in Europe, the quarantines and travel arrangements. We are sure that together, we will find a solution, that will make it possible!

The SGEM Organizing Committee follow closely the development of the situation with Covid-19. It was expected that the issue with the pandemic would be solved and everything would be almost back to normal by June. Unfortunately, the new variants of the virus caused a strong third wave around the world and Europe is still in the 3rd lockdown. Gradually the limitations are started to be lifted, but not fast enough. At the same time Albena resort (our conference venue) is planning to open most of the hotels and services from July and to remove the limitations for congress meetings, according the Covid situation and the international safety regulations.

On the other hand, it is expected that Green Passports, Vaccination Certificates, or other means will be adopted as a travel permit in all EU countries until the end of June. Moreover, the amount of people with a vaccine or post-covid immunity will be high enough, that in addition with the hot weather, the risk for your health will be minimal.

As you were informed in the announcement from the 8th of May 2021, the SGEM 2021 conference period has been postponed for August 14-22, 2021. Moving the conference period ahead, after so much work that was done for holding the event in June, was a difficult decision, but we believe that this is better decision for all the participants. In addition, we have received numerous requests from many lecturers and partner universities, to move the conference in August, so it is expected the attendance to be higher. A good example is 2020, when postponing the conference from June to August allowed many people to join the event in person.

The Abstract and Early-bird deadlines have been also extended, which is an extra comfort for you - to finish your research work and to upload final manuscripts in time.

For us, the well being and the opinion of our participants have always been on top of all priorities. If you need help, assistance, clarification or anything related to the SGEM GeoConference 2021, please do not hesitate to email us. We are already in a contact with several airlines, and they claim, that rescheduling tickets (if you have any) will not be an issue. For sure, we will do our best to assist you.

Meanwhile, until 2-3 days in the Events Management System (EMS – conference online platform for registration), 2 new modules will be activated: MY HOTEL, where you could book a hotel and transport service and MY PAYMENT, where you could pay online via CARD or generate an Invoice-Proform for BANK payment.

We will be more than happy to welcome you again in Albena, and with pleasure will assist you with everything you may need.

Respectfully yours,

SGEM Organizing Committee



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19 July 2021 | Abstract submission deadline

30 July 2021 | WORKSHOP proposal

30 July 2021 | FULL Paper Submission

19 July 2021 | EARLY BIRD Payment deadline