20th International Scientific Conference SGEM2020

16 - 25 August, 2020


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
2020 is an unusual year, that has changed so many things – from business, to everyday life, but science is moving on. Communication and interaction between people have lost its original form and the word ‘Online’ has become integral part of how we connect to our family, our friends and colleagues and the world in general. Despite all of this, the 20th International Scientific Conference SGEM GEO 2020 was held in the period of 16th August a- 25th August, Albena, Bulgaria, combining presentations by on-site speakers and speakers connecting  online in live sessions.

Originally we were planning a huge event with a record number of participants. The current crisis didn’t stop us. We decided to stand up to the situation and be the only Earth and planetary Science Conference in Europe with participation on spot. Our program committee dedicated months to ensure the highest possible level of the program and to provide everybody with an unforgettable experience. We included a special virtual part to our program, where all participants, who were limited to travel, were able to join us, present their work and answer all questions.

Once again, the SWS Society has proved, that we have always been an example of flexibility and innovation. We accepted the situation as a challenge that can only help us grow and become stronger. Once again you, SGEM Partners and Conference participants have proved that science is stronger than the obstacles that the destiny is putting in front of us.

Over the last 20 years SWS Society has become a synonym of professionalism and high quality. This year we have increased the scientific criteria for acceptance of papers and thanks to our double-blind peer review process, we have made sure that only high-quality research is being presented at the conference. After the strict review process, around 900 articles were accepted and will be published in the Conference proceedings, indexed by all major scientific databases.

On behalf of the SWS Scientific Committee and the organizing team of SGEM GeoConference 2020, we would like to say big Thank you to all the people who were brave enough to join the conference in person and to show, that they and their valuable research are what is driving the world forward on the long path of the sustainable development. The program included about 130 oral, and 110 poster presentations, and simultaneously more than 200 papers were presented online during our Virtual Sessions.
Let us express our gratitude to all the virtual presenters who were limited to join in person, but despite all were with us during everyday plenary sessions and contributed with own live presentations.

SGEM 2020 will be remembered as an unusual conference during unusual times. But most importantly, it will be remembered as the only conference that welcomed and brought together so many renowned scientists who dared to challenge the crisis and show that humankind and especially science are resilient and always ready to adapt.

With so many satisfied participants this year, we are looking forward to welcoming you all to SGEM GeoConference 2021, that will take place between June 26th and July 5th in Albena, Bulgaria. More information about the conference is coming soon.

Have a very successful new academic year! Take care of you and your families!

Stay optimistic and be part of the event again next year to share everyone's progress.



URL: https://www.sgem.org
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +359  2 4051 841
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26 June - 5th July, 2021
MARITIM PARADISE BLUE Congress Center, Albena, Bulgaria


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