ORAL Presentation

    • Please come at the SGEM Conference Hall at least 15 minutes before the start of the session;
    • Check the day session program - some changes could occur;
    • Presentation time for ORAL presentation is 10 minutes + 5 min
      for questions from the audience;
    • The main goal of your oral presentation is to get the audience interested in your work. All presentations have to be made in English;
    • Speak slowly, use short sentences;
    • The presentation has to be done in PowerPoint format (or other self-executive multimedia);
    • To make your oral presentation more effective it may be structured as follow:
      • outline of main points (one slide at the beginning in the form of a table of contents);
      • introduction (demonstrate the importance of the topic);
      • details of main points in the research (limit the number of points you make, be clear when you are switching to a new point);
      • conclusion (a summary of your main points).
    • Use max. 1-2 slides per minute of your presentation, and 4-5 points per slide;
    • Use clear titles, use graphs and figures rather than just words; use enough large fonts so that the presentation will be readable from a distance;
    • Speakers are kindly asked to use the available in the Conference hall Laptop. Only if they have special reasons they may use their own laptops (in that case they have to inform the technical assistant before the session);
    • Only PowerPoint presentations on a CD-ROM/DVD or a USB Memory stick will be accepted;
A CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE should be given only to those
Speakers who have concluded their ORAL/POSTER presentations in accordance with the conference program.
CERTIFICATES of ATTENDANCE will be given only at the venue during the AWARDING CEREMONIES - sending this document by post or via e-mail afterwards, will not be possible!

Note: We kindly ask every speaker to upload his PowerPoint presentation on the conference laptop at least one day before his speech and check it out. It is recommended to upload your presentations after the end of the afternoon session, in order not to disturb the current presenter.


To prepare your POSTER presentation in accordance with the conference requirements, please download this SGEM POSTER TEMPLATE INSERT the text of your paper in it and SEND it BACK to [email protected]Thank you!


To prepare your final manuscript in accordance with the conference requirements, please download this SGEM PAPER TEMPLATE INSERT the text of the paper in it and SEND it BACK to [email protected]. Thank you!


You can freely use the provided here SGEM logo and Title Text
Download TEXT format rar
Download LOGO format rar


TO MAKE YOUR REGISTRATION FASTER, please download and fill in this SGEM REGISTRATION FORM and SEND it BACK to [email protected], together with your abstract text. Thank you!


Annually the International Scientific GeoConference SGEM gives all participants the opportunity to lead a workshop and share their knowledge in a practical way free of charge.
You can find more information and submit your application here.. Thank you!


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